Leadership Authentic Summer Camp


It was amazing! I had a great time together with 26 great students that came from all over the cuntry. We learned what a real leader should be like by playing various development games that boosted our attention, coordination, creativity, and team-work. Two great actors, Madalin Mandin and Radu Ciobanasu, who were also mentors, taught us how to improvise and how important it is to follow our instinct, so we applied this in the games and they became more fun.

There were also a lot of guests that talked about their carrier and their way to the top. We were all amazed by their impressive stories which inspired many of us. These leaders were:

–    Cristian Lupsa, Editor “Decat o Revista”
–    Dan Pazara, Director at OMV Petrom
–    Sabina Stirb, Public Affairs and Corporate Citizenship Manager Samsung
–    Florina Vintila, Recruiting Coordinator Accenture Romania
–    Dragos Chiscoci, Emagic
–    Silvia Opris, Schoenherr
–    Ariel Constantinof, Blogger
–    Andrei Sonka, Astronomical Photographer
–    Raed Arafat, founder of SMURD
–     Gabriella Carello, HR Director Nestle Romania
–     Dana Rogoz, actress
–     Vlad Dobrescu, CTC

Last but not least, I wanna thank the team which helped us make the most of our time in the camp:

–    Adina Ghita
–    Beatrice Alexandrescu
–    Ana Maria Balteanu
–    Madalina Vintu
–    Elena Paslaru
–    Mihai Tutu
–    Alexandru Gorun  
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