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What did you do this summer?

This summer I spent my time in Romania. Before, I didn’t have such a good impression about spending holidays in Romania. I was imagining it as being very boring and a loss of the whole free time. However, this summer in Romania has changed radically..

I started my summer by going at the salt works with some friends in Slanic, Prahova. There was nice, but also very cold. I was wearing short trousers and I was freezing. However, despite the coldness, I could enjoy the salt and the other interesting stuff that were arranged in the salt work. There were statues of some historical figures of Romania (Mihai Viteazu, Mihai Eminescu, Decebal, Traian). There was also a playground and a small kart track for children. We also played biliards, ping pong and ate snacks from the bar.( I do not understand how these people can stay all day in the salt work at so low temperatures and sell snacks and drinks. True, they have winter jackets and the air is very healthy because of the salt, but still!)

However, there was  lot of stuff to do and visit in this salt work. The bad part of it is that you have to wait quite a lot (2h) to enter, but there is no regret! 😀

After that, I went in the North of Mamaia, near Navodari, Constanta with the tent for the first time! It was really nice. We only stayed 2 days, but it seemed like we have stayed for 1 week! We went at the beach, played volleyball in the sea and then went in “Satul de vacanta” and had fun there until late into the night!

It was very nice both in the salt work in Slanic, but we also had a lot of fun in Mamaia! This summer was one of my best summer vacation ever.

Now, I don’t know what to do next summer. Please, give me some ideas! Write some comments about what you did this summer.

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