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How I Pass Chemistry

I am very excited to present to you the first version of my chemistry project created for high school students. It already covers some very important chemistry concepts, but the program will be developed further as I am studying this subject and still have much to discover.

This software can be used by students to check their own work and to understand and remember patterns that are usually hard to memorize but that are asked to be known in international exams such as IGCSE or A-Level exams.
I already had the chance to present my work at the TEDx event and have developed it some more into this final first version.

This version of the program includes:

  • a self-generating periodic table with information about each element and the 2-D structure of every element,
  • a module to find out the type of bond between two selected elements and the empirical formula of the compound,
  • graphs to observe the patterns of the periodicity of elements (e.g.: observing the trend of melting points across period 3),
  • a calculator that gives information about the compund introduced based on the data it has.

Some screenshots of the program:


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From this page you can download some apps made by me …

1. Basics of Databases

2. Electricity Fundamentals


1. Basics of Databases

Ana Ispasoiu, CSB


In general:

• A database is a persistent, logically coherent collection of inherently meaningful data, relevant to some aspects of the real world.

In other words,

A database is any collection of related data.

For example, we want to have some records of some students from a school. A simple table would look like this:


Name Surname Age Gender
John Stewart 13 M
Andrew Thorne 13 M
Emma Roberts 16 F

Fig.1 A simple database table of students with attributes and records

 Databases have:

● Entities

● Attributes

● Relationships (cardinality)

Entity is the table in general. In Fig.1, the entity is the table ‘Students’ itself.

Attribute is the property that describes the entity. In the above example, there are 4 attributes (the columns with name, surname, age,and gender).

A record is a row in a table that contains data. Without them, we won’t have any data in our entity.


More details and the whole article you can have if you register on my blog and download

this application and presentation from here.

If you are asked for a setup password, please send me an e-mail.


2. Electricity Fundamentals

If you are interested in electricity you can read a presentation with the basics from here. You need to be logged in to view this.

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