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TEDx Cambridge School of Bucharest

How I Passed Chemistry - Tedx Cambridge School Of Bucharest - April 3, 2015 More »

Leadership Authentic Summer Camp

I had a great time together with 26 great students that came from all over the cuntry - Casa Vlasia, Snagov - August 3, 2015 More »

Becoming a volunteer at the orphanage

Training - Bucharest - February 15, 2015 More »


Monthly Archives: March 2015

TEDx Cambridge School of Bucharest


TED, Cambridge School of Bucharest and Teatrul Odeon in Bucharest have the honor to invite you to the TEDx CambridgeSchoolOfBucharest on Friday, the 3rd of April, to celebrate the first such event being organised by in institution of education in Romania. The theme of our TEDx CambridgeSchoolOfBucharest event is “Challenging Excellence in Youth” and the team put together an inspiring setting to support and enhance spontaneity, creativity, joy of life, sense of self-value and cooperation. You can consult the guest-speakers names in the posts below (also presented alphabetically here):

1. Ana Ispasoiu, CSB Grade 9 student, smart and awesome

2. Amalia Sterescu, Entrepreneur (www.amaliasterescu.ro), Writer, Public speaker, Consultant.

3. Dragos Chiscoci, PR Manager of EMagic, music freelancer.

4. Sabina Ulubeanu, Music Composer, Co-Artistic Director of InnerSound New Arts Festival Romania.

5. Oluwatobi Ayokunle Ibitoye, BISMUN 2015 Secretary General, student in BioChemistry.

6. Walid A. Abboud, Entrepreneur, Co-owner of A&D Pharma Romania.

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Leadership AUTENTIC

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