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The world of fractals

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TEDx Cambridge School of Bucharest

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Leadership Authentic Summer Camp

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Becoming a volunteer at the orphanage

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Monthly Archives: November 2013


If you don’t look beyond the surface, we only see a part of the picture. This is because art communicates through symbols. A symbol is an object that represents something else.


Some symbols….



Some cultures equated the spider web with the universe and the spider with cosmic creation.



It was once believed that pelicans pierce his chest with his beak in order to feed his chicks with his blood. For this reason in Christian art it represents a symbol for Hristos’ sacrifice.



In African art, the elephant symbolizes the wise compassionate and strong leader.



It is considered a messenger, but also a symbol of magic and luck.



It is the symbol of death and of renaissance.



A camel that kneels in order to receive a weight symbolizes humility.



Crocodile tears are a sign of hypocrisy.


International symbols used by the meteorologists

Weather symbols Meanings




Heavy rain
Dust or sand storm during day or at night



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